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Coffee Scented Candles, Anyone

 Scented candles and soap on a table

When it comes to sprucing up our apartments in Manhattan, New Yorker’s have tried about every trick in the book — including scented candles to give our abodes that fresh and inviting aroma. The aromas run the gamut, and for you heavy drinkers of the morning joe, the coffee scents should be right up your alley. Even if you’re a bit wary on the scented candle trend, the smell of a fresh cup of coffee whenever and wherever you want within your home? Who could say no to that? We’ve assembled some of the best options on the market for you to check out when you’re ready.

Gimme Coffee by The Burlap Bag

The Burlap Bag is well-known for their expansive varieties of soy candles and this “Gimme Coffee” scent is just the choice you’ll want if you want to invigorate your apartment aromas with some fresh espresso. It’s like you’re right at the cafe, soaking up the sugar, cream, and coffee beans while having a chat with your friends about the coming day.

Coffee Bean by Village Candle

If you’re looking for an earthier take on the coffee scent, you might want to try out the Coffee Bean variety from Village Candle. This candle will give you the smell of beans snatched right from the ground, the roasted ever so gently to bring out the true power of their soothing scent. Since it’s a Village Candle, you know you can get a large size, and you’ll be able to burn this one for a while and enjoy that aroma for hours.

Acqua di Parma by Caffe in Piazza

Looking for more of a fancy coffee candle in both look and scent? You’ll want to pick up what Caffee in Piazza is putting down with their Acqua di Parma variety, which distills the essence of the coffee-drinking experience into candle form, with a look that lets you know that this is as much a piece of fabulous decor as it is a way to scent your apartment. Think of this as the Italian Cappuccino of coffee scented candles.

Boulangerie Espresso Jar by Illume

If you like your coffee candles light, sweet, and oh-so-delicate, you can’t go wrong with Illume’s Boulangerie Jar. The Minnesota-based candle legends have really hit the mark with their luxurious espresso scent, and this candle in particular gives you a mix of different notes, including rich milk and dark chocolate to complete the morning coffee experience.

Make the Apartments in Manhattan Fresher Than Ever

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