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Home Design Trends In 2018

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2018 is getting off on a good foot, and in stylish spots like the affordable Manhattan apartments, people are ready to mix things up with a bit of extra interior flavor. That’s right, it’s the time for embracing all-new design trends for your apartment, and 2018 has arrived with a bang instead of a whimper. There’s a slew of new ideas to incorporate, and old ideas to ditch for this year if you want to stay at the cutting edge. We’ll be scouring the most knowledgeable sources today to learn what’s hip and what needs to be left by the wayside. Here’s a hint: color is king for 2018.

Colors And Patterns Are Making A Comeback

According to outlets like the Washington Post, that is. They recently interviewed Mitchell Parker of Houzz to gain some insight about what home design trends would be popular in 2018. What they first learned was that color is going to make itself known in the kitchen:

“Although white will always be a classic color for kitchen design, homeowners are shying away from bland hues and injecting rich colors, such as warm wood tones (example: mahogany) and neutrals (example: grays and blues), into the space to give it a warm, fresh and unique feel.”

They aren’t the only ones banging this drum, mind you. Elle Decor named five big color trends coming to a kitchen near you: blue & green cabinetry, violet surfaces throughout the kitchen, dark countertops, mix-and-match finishes, and high-contrast marble.

Of particular note there is the color violet. Pantone called Ultra Violet 18-3838 their “color of the year,” supplanting last year’s Greenery 15-0343:

“Ultra Violet, or Pantone 18-3838, is a complex, celestial shade of purple, veering toward the cooler end of the color spectrum, that calls to mind the vastness of the galaxy, the power of spirituality, and creative expression in all its forms.”

And it makes sense. Purple is an expressive color, representing a nonconformist attitude, royalty, wealth, complexity, craftsmanship, and power. Everyone wants a piece of that for themselves, and this shade of purple gives them a chance to grasp a bit and include it in their living spaces.

But we digress. The list of outlets decrying the all-white kitchen continues, as Country Living says that all-white kitchens are out, noting that “Kitchens in particular will continue to brighten up in the new year, swapping stark white for warm wood tones and new neutrals including cream, blue, and gray.” The Everygirl echoed this sentiment, stating that they “like the idea of adding more contrast instead of the (admittedly) common white wall, white countertop, white backsplash combination.”

And it’s not just kitchen walls and cabinets that will be getting a splash of color. The Washington Post also found that people are getting tired of the plain & proper look for the rest of the home too: “Warm grays paired with camel, rust, tobacco [and] brown-blacks, as well as earthy reds and yellows, are expected to edge out cooler neutrals in the coming year.”

Even the sink is getting an overhaul, as folks grow tired of the same-old stainless steel look:

“The modern Farmhouse style will continue to flourish in 2018 and spread to the bathroom. Parker predicts that there will be more concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze or black.”

Country Living, it seems, agrees:

“Sinks will follow suit with darker, more daring designs. We've already seen it with the copper farmhouse sink trend, but also watch out for concrete and stone styles.”

As for those patterns, floral is the talk of the town this year. Last year brought the tropical palm, and this year, high-contrast flowers of all varieties will get their due. It might seem passe, but they make furniture, walls, and even carpeting appear extra bold, extra beautiful, and worthy of standing out. The way these patterns contrast with other elements in the home adds to this effect, creating a splash of organic appeal where once there was none.

Speaking of rugs and carpets, though, Elle Decor ran an entire article just on ways in which the carpet trend will explode in 2018, highlighting options like geometric designs, Moroccan pattern rugs, Faux Bois, and bold animal prints. A nice extra for anyone who wants to embrace the trends and go all the way with incorporating the colors and patterns of 2018 into their living space.

And how will these colors interplay with one another? For that, we turn to the eight palettes that will be in fashion for 2018: Resourceful, a combination of blues and oranges; Verdure, the vegetable-inspired colors like green and purple; Playful, the bright yellows and lime greens; Discretion, a mix of elderberry and rose; Far-Fetched, yellows and roses working together; Intricacy, the so-called neutral metallic colors; Intensity, a mix of strong colors like black and gold; and TECH-nique, the bright turqoises, pinks, and purples set against stunning white backgrounds.

Additional Trends Taking Off

Color might be the big winner for 2018, but it’s not the only way in which people will be expressing their style this year. There are several other elements around the home that will be getting some much-needed play, like vintage lighting. Gone are the brand-new, modernistic finishes that once ruled with an iron fist. In 2018, refurbished lighting from yesteryear is making its return.

Then there’s the rise of stone and natural accents. Not only will stone-fashioned items be coming into the home, they’ll come with their own accents of interesting colors and patterns, representing the spring season and adding a touch of natural beauty to every room they’re included in. The natural look will extend to including wood-crafted objects in various parts of the home as well, like bowls for the kitchen.

Also in this year are backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms, contemporary looks that mimic wallpaper fashioned from wood, concrete, and fabrics. Rounding out the list is the minimalist approach for domiciles, bedrooms that include only the essentials, and not an item more.

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