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    Lunch Spots on the Upper East

    October 17, 2018

    man and woman in business attire enjoying their lunch the cole upper east side

    If there’s one thing that everyone could use a bit more of, it’s a great tasting lunch. Thankfully, the areas around all the NYC apartments for rent have more than their fair share of great lunch spots, and the Upper East Side in particular has some of the finest offerings on the city’s long list of stellar eateries.

    From fabulous Thai cuisine to sumptuous Italian eats, you’ll be able to find a bit of everything to fit your tastes, and we’re going to help you narrow down the options with our list of lunchtime establishments you’ll have to try (with a few vegetarian options to boot). Read on, and make note of a few before you head for your next midday meal.

    Sumptuous Seafood: Luke’s Lobster

    Luke’s Lobster has made a name for itself across the country, and its location in the Upper East Side provides the same high quality meals and service you’d come to expect from such a far-reaching establishment.

    Their menu is replete with all manner of seafood favorites — Crab, Shrimp, Lobster, etc. — in addition to various rolls, soups, salads, and tasty beverages. The delicious dishes, however, only paint part of the picture when it comes to this eatery.

    You see, Luke’s takes the whole “sustainable, ethical business” thing to a whole new level, bringing a laudable degree of transparency to their entire operation. Part of their commitment to helping customers eat better quality food? They state quite openly that they can “trace every pound of seafood [they] serve back to the harbor where it was sustainably caught,” a definite positive.

    Additionally, when you eat at Luke’s, you gain the added benefit of knowing you’re helping them in supporting programs that help coastal fishing communities throughout the country. A win-win no matter how you slice it.

    Tasty Thai: Up Thai Restaurant

    If you head over to 2nd Avenue, you’ll eventually come across Up Thai, one of NYC’s premier locations for savory Thai food.

    The menu contains much of what you’d expect from such an establishment: sumptuous, meat based appetizers seasoned with Thai spices; all manner of rice and noodle dishes; even salads and a heaping helping of different curries — if you’re so inclined.

    In their review of Up Thai, The Infatuation noted that “There’s a whole menu of dishes worth ordering, from peanut-filled dumplings to excellent crispy duck, and that’s what helps separate it from your run of the mill joints.”

    The fact that it passes the fabled “Neighborhood Thai Restaurant Test,” meaning there are items on the menu you’d feel delighted eating other than Pad Thai, makes this one a definite addition to any lunch spot list.

    Sumptuous Sandwiches: Pastrami Queen

    Every so often, you just find yourself in the mood for a delicious sandwich. Pastrami Queen on Lexington Avenue is there to fill such an urge, with a vast array of delicious, NY-style sandwiches to fit just about all tastes.

    The Zagat-rated restaurant has all the popular deli-meats, along with a few vegetarian options for those with specific dietary requirements. Speaking of Zagat, though, the publication remarks that the restaurant’s namesake, the pastrami here is the “real thing,” and while the establishment itself has a tendency to get cramped, you can always skip the crowds and get your sandwich to go.

    Incredible Italian: Tony’s di Napoli

    It doesn’t get much finer than family-style Italian, which is something Tony’s di Napoli on 3rd Avenue has in spades. What can we say about an Italian restaurant that hasn’t been said already? Tony’s has delicious favorites all throughout their menu, and to get the full experience, says New York Magazine, you really ought to go with a crowd:

    “To truly appreciate this restaurant, come with a large family and a large appetite. Portions are huge, designed to serve two to three people.”

    So, if you’re ready to get stuffed with a hearty amount of Italian cuisine and spend lunch gabbing about nothing in particular with friends and family, make this a destination in the near future.

    Fantastic French: Le Bilboquet

    How could any list of lunchtime experiences be complete without a nod to delicious French cuisine? It couldn’t which is why we’ve included a spot for Le Bilboquet on 60th Street. Hustle and bustle are the name of the game here, says the New York Post, who once dubbed Le Bilboquet the “snobbiest restaurant in New York.”

    A more balanced take, however, comes from New York Magazine, for whom Le Bilboquet is a Critic’s Pick, and both the atmosphere and various dishes are worth whatever stumbling blocks the airs of pretense might pose for you.

    Of the Vegetarian Variety: Candle Cafe

    If you’re in the mood for something that isn’t meat-based, you might want to check out the Candle Cafe on 3rd Avenue. There are multiple locations throughout Manhattan, but if you’re interested in a quick neighborhood jaunt, this will be your go-to.

    They have quite the storied history behind their creation, one that dates back to 1984 and includes a dedication to holistic health and quality vegetarian eating. The bottom line, though, is that the food here is great, and even if you aren’t a dedicated vegetarian or vegan, you’ll walk away feeling satisfied.

    The Infatuation points out that even if you’re “trying to accommodate multiple diet requests at the same time,” that the “Candle Cafe can probably make it work.” Just remember that they feature a seasonal menu, so it switches up a few times a year. If you’re a fan of variety, though, this shouldn’t be much of an issue!

    Good Eating Is All Around the Finest NYC Apartments for Rent

    When you take residence in five-star Manhattan communities like The Cole, the best of the neighborhoods like the Upper East Side are well within your grasp. Shopping, entertainment, and, naturally, superb dining options are all around, and will blend right into your day-to-day. Be sure to learn more about the fine features The Cole has to offer, and make this your new home in the bustling heart of the city.