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New York Fashion Week 2019

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February approaches, and you know what that means. All the fashionistas in the apartments for rent in Manhattan will be abuzz with excitement, since New York Fashion Week will be taking over town from Friday, February 8th to Saturday, February 16th. You know the drill:

“New York Fashion Week is an event that takes place twice a year, including one week at Bryant Park in Manhattan. Fashion Week is full of shows and events that allow fashion designers to display their latest collections to influential buyers and writers.”

So what will this February’s edition of Fashion Week hold in store for eager guests? Keep reading, as we break down what this latest iteration of Fashion Week is all about, give you some glimpses at the amazing events on the calendar, and fill you in on how to attend.

What’s New for Fashion Week?

If you’re a longtime fan, you probably already know the basics surrounding NYFW: all the who’s who in the fashion world will be gathering in Manhattan, showing off some of the newest and hottest collections for press, buyers, and you, the public. What you may not have realized, however, is that NYFW 2019 has something of a new theme to it, centered around technological innovation:

“The robots are here! Run! Okay, not really. Anyway, wearable technology and virtual reality fashion shows will soon dominate the runways of New York Fashion Week 2019...The future is here, and fashion has embraced it in the most spectacular manner!”

Perhaps technologically-enhanced vestments will catch on in a big way, and futuristic clothing will be the norm? Either way, NYFW has already provided a glimpse into a possible clothing future, like that collaboration between Julianna Bass and LOOMIA, the product of which was a color-changing garment that wearers could control. NYFW offers up even more potential innovations that may come from fusing clothing with cutting-edge technology:

“Imagine being able to wear clothes that interact with the weather conditions or your emotions and your body heat. They open up new horizons in the aesthetic field of fashion. Technology becomes an asset in creating more functional, impressive and practical garments.”

Then there’s the confluence of virtual reality technology and fashion, remember that little experiment? This is all to say that Fashion Week is embracing the inclusion of technology among its presentation, and at NYFW 2019, you might well see some new, forward-thinking designs that will blow you away. As always, the event organizers have stated it best, “technological developments in New York Fashion Week 2019 will soon reveal the future. In a world where everything has gone digital, fashion could not be left behind.”

The Where & When of NYFW 2019

If you want to stay abreast of all the events and developments, we recommend paying frequent visits to the official schedule. While it’s still tentative at this point, it will be updated, and as we draw closer to the big days and those event dates get locked down, you’ll definitely want to know all about it. Some of those events are industry-only, while others are open to the public at large (meaning you can snag yourself some tickets while they are available), and though we can’t cover every single happening on the calendar, we can draw attention to a few specific events you might want to keep in mind.

Take the Art Hearts Fashion event, for instance, which will run from Friday, February 8th to Monday, February 11th. If you aren’t already familiar with the organization, we seriously recommend checking out their page, but to sum it up, they’re all about providing a platform for contemporary artists and designers. To that end, founder Erik Rosete has transformed Art Hearts into a grow this mission from humble roots to one of the “top platforms in the art & fashion community.” In addition to the spectacular runway show, you can expect art installations, celebrity guests, and goodies aplenty from this outfit.

Then there are Fashion Week Events focused on worthy causes, like the Carol Galvin Foundation Official NYFW Women's Cancer Fundraising Gala. Taking place February 13th, this event will feature designs from the inimitable Irina Shabayeva (of Project Runway fame), and money raised by the event will go toward helping women who are battling cancer pay their bills. Complementing this worthy goal will be a brand new music video release from Meredith O'Connor and a spectacular rooftop afterparty to follow.

These and many other riveting events are scheduled, so be sure to watch the calendar for news on what will be happening. If anything catches your eye and you’ve just got to get tickets, you can check out all of the open-to-the-public tickets on Fashion Week Online.

Want More Fashion Week Information?

If you want to take a deeper dive into NYFW 2019, there are a few sources you’ll want to keep your eye on. Fashion Week Online, for instance, has info on many of the popular designers who regularly frequent Fashion Week events. As NYFW starts to heat up, you’ll want to monitor outlets like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar for their coverage, and finally, the NYFW Runway Reporter has breakdowns on all the pertinent topics leading into and during Fashion Week 2019. You’ll find the lowdown on all sorts of “first looks,” pop up events, and more through their coverage, so be sure not to ignore it.

New York Fashion Week 2019 is all set to be equal parts innovative and transformative. If fashion is your thing, this is one set of events you can’t afford to miss, so get those tickets early, and stay tuned for all the latest developments as February 8th draws ever closer.

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